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We are the successors of the ancient European traditions!

We brew beer for those who gather together to enjoy the company of friends!

Real live beer – unfiltered, non-pasteurized – when poured into the glass, has an intense amber golden color. The bubbles come off from the bottom and for about 20 minutesrush in a hoppy dance to the top of the glass!

Yeast, hop, malt and water – these are 4 key ingredients to brew the perfect beer. It is a well-known fact that the quality of the water, used for brewing beer, influences directly the beer taste. The malt does not exist as such a product. It is the result of the mechanical treatment of grain crops, for example: rye, barley or wheat. The malt is rich in natural proteins and minerals. The hop is one of the natural preservatives and it also gives the beer its unique taste.

To enrich the beer with more proteins, ferments and carbon dioxide we need a certain amount of yeast. The yeast stimulates the fermentation of the beer liquid.

When making the dough with yeast, we need to find a warm place for the yeast to ferment and for the pastry to grow. But we observe quite the opposite when it comes to brewing beer – brew’s yeast ferments at low temperatures. The best temperature of fermentation is about 12-18 C°. Before adding the yeast, the wort needs to be cooled to the necessary temperature and cleared from the residue left after the wort heating to 70 C°. During the process of fermentation there occurs alcohol and carbon dioxide’s formation. The liquid, which we get as a result, is usually called “green beer”. The “green beer” later goes through special filtration, which clears it from the yeast residue, and the already cleared liquid heads for another stage – post-fermentation.

The post-fermentation passes with the use of the yeasts, left before the beer liquid has been pumped up into a special tank. The post-fermentation requires rather low temperatures as well. The most favourable temperature is about +2 C°. There releases the carbon dioxide which then dissolves in the beer liquid. Wait just a little longer and here we go – one of the most favourite drinks is ready to be consumed!

Barley beer, strength - 12%.

This beer is the classic and the most popular one. Only one type of malt is used to prepare barley beer – “Bohemia pilsner”. As the beer liquid should have clear, transparent and golden color, the strictest requirements are applied to light beer. No red, brown or any other tints are acceptable. And one more feature is that the light beer should be a little sparkling. This type of beer should possess a slight hoppy bitterness and the extractive substances should be hardly noticeable. The bitterness disappears immediately and the beer almost does not leave any aftertaste. Quality light beer’s taste is described with such terms as “clean”, “complete”, “balanced”, “clearly defined”.

Wheat beer, strength – 12%.

Since ancient times the wheat beer is considered to be one of the best representatives of elite types of Bavarian beer. It has a rather unique, explicit, fresh and very rich taste. Top fermentation yeast gives this beer its floral and barely distinguishable fruity flavour, which is supplemented with hoppy bitterness. This beer can complement any meal.

We brew our beer right in front of you in the restaurant hall. The atmosphere of the restaurant plus the pleasure of drinking ready brewed flavouredbeer – all of these are combined to delight our guests! You can try being a professional taster – just pour different types of beer into their special glasses and enjoy all the diversity of nuances of their flavors!

Dark beer, strength – 14,5%.

Dark beer can be perfect for any party. This is a noble drink, noticeable for its dark ruby colour, thick creamy head, caramel flavor and dry bitterness in the aftertaste. Dark beer is brewed basing on Bavarian technology. It is good with any kind of food. This type of beer has become very popular with women.

Porter, strength – 18%.

Porter rates as a special type of dark types of beer. The most quality sorts of the caramel malt are used to brew Porter. Hoppy bitterness makes a perfect combination with an intense sweet flavor. This beer is especially good with roasted meet. Porter is so called “winter beer” as nothing can warm you better during dark cold evenings than its deep colour and thick taste.

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