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There are not so many restaurants in modern Odessa nowadays that offer fresh craft beer to their guests. That is why we are proud to announce that we welcome our visitors with just-brewed beer in our restaurant-brewery «LUSTDORF», which is a German name for «a merry village». We prepare our beer on the mini-brewery, which is situated right in the dining area so everyone has the possibility to observe the process of brewing. The equipment has been produced by Zip Technologies Ltd which is one of the most innovative producers of the brewing equipment. We use only perfect German malt and thoroughly selected Check hop for our beer. These ingredients accompanied with the traditional European brewing techniques create an unforgettable taste of our beer.

We are able to accept 500 visitors at the same time thanks to 2 dining areas, 2 open summer terraces and a luxury banquet hall. We also have organized special cells where everyone can keep a personal beer mug!

Specially composed menu consists of the best dishes of European cuisine which are most perfect for the beer we offer: a wide range of meat dishes, well-known German Shanks, the sausages of our own production and many many others. We also offer some “specialties”: beer cocktails list, «the meter of beer», «the meter of sausage», and intriguing «37 cm from the chef». Our guests are welcome to come with kids as we offer a special children's menu with many funny and healthy dishes.

If you are willing to come with a big company we have some special offers for you and your friends as well: the «beer plate» composed of various appetizers for the beer, the «meat plate» composed of different kinds of meat and sausage, these can be accompanied with the «beer punch» (3,5l of the beer cocktail). To make the process of drinking more fun do not miss a chance to play a game of «Beer Checkers». Not only our guests can enjoy the beer in the restaurant they also have an opportunity to take their favourite kind of beer with them in 1,5l PET bottle or in 2 l brand glass container.

Those who are fond of making experiments are offered a unique chance to act as a bartender at our new tables with integrated tap systems. The beer taps which are right at hand make the self-service easier and you can pour yourself any amount of any beer at any time or create a beer cocktail of your own.

Beer lovers from different countries and cities, brewers and collectors of beer attributes are regular guests at our restaurant. Our beer list is highly praised by the Checks, the Danes, the Germen, which are known as beer experts.

«LUSTDORF» beer won the first, the second and the third prize and received the jury's recognition at the International contest of beer, alcohol-free and low-alcohol drinks, mineral and drinking waters «UKRPIVO» in 2009-2010.

«LUSTDORF» restaurant won a special distinction mark as the «Enterprise of the year 2010» according to the International economic rating «League of the Best».

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